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We’re living in the middle of the most fundamental change in our working lives since the industrial revolution. Nowadays freetime and worktime are indistinguishable for most of us. Companies cannot anymore count on that employees take care of themselves just on their own.

The reality is that most of us work on our spare time and that means responsibility of the employer grows accordingly. The role of modern responsible leadership is to provide active and continuous effort to improve the wellness of their employees also on their working hours.


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Aallto Wellness Service is a comprehensive system that combines best on the market wellness application with professional wellness coaching to help our customers improve different areas of their wellness as well as wellness as a whole.

Aallto Wellness app is then combined with wellness coaching. Aallto Wellness Coaches are experienced professionals of different areas of wellness and help our customers to raise their wellness to the next level.

As a part of Aallto Wellness Service we use the newest wellness technology, eg. Oura, Polar, Withings, Nightingale and more.



Aallto Wellness Method which is in the core of our coaching service is derived from the ideas of positive psychology. Together with our customers we aim to find the strengths and resources in both individuals and organisations and by improving them we improve the wellness as a whole.

Our coaching process focuses on each area of wellness one at a time and Aallto Wellness Coaches use the information provided by the application to find the suitable individual micro actions for each customer to help them improve their wellness.

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